H20 project finalized

James Ahrens

The H2O Project finished Wednesday and participants were finally able to drink more than tap water.

The H2O Project challenged participants to drink nothing but water for two weeks, save the money normally spent on cola, juice or coffee and donate that saved money to help dig wells in developing nations. Participants were given blue bracelets to wear to remind them of their promise and to create awareness, while encouraging awareness about the need for adequate access to water.

Patti Lyon, director of the Catholic Campus Center, said the program has raised more than $1,000, a figure five times more than what was garnered last year. This number is directly tied to the number of students who participated, but unfortunately Lyon didn’t have an exact number.

“I honestly don’t know because many just came up and handed in cash,” said Lyon, who credits the increased success to greater publicity of the challenge.

William Biles, president of Campus Ministry, teamed with several volunteers from the Catholic Campus Center, including Elise Richardson, to help organize the event.

Biles said the money will be donated to help build a well in Africa.

Andrew Schaffer, also with Campus Ministry, participated and said he would have approximately $30 to donate.

“It was definitely a struggle but it was worth the sacrifice,” said Schaffer.

Lizzy Bernhart found out about the event through her contemporary youth service at the University United Methodist Church.

“It’s a great program that shows sacrifice along with compassion for people less fortunate than yourself,” said Bernhart.