Archery club offers sponsorship

The Topeka Bowhunters Club, located in southeast Topeka at 3920 S.E. Ratner Road (1/8 mile east of Tecumseh Road. and 37th), is a 100 acre piece of land set up specifically for bowhunting.

The club, which is celebrating its 33rd year in existence, currently has about 150 members. Their annual jamboree holds claim to Kansas’ largest and oldest bowhunter event.

“We have our own piece of ground and we have a lot of fun,” said member Gary Hunsicker. “We have slingshot targets, a place where you can throw the atlatl. We have places you can throw the tomahawk.”

Hunsicker sees archery as a cheap and family friendly source of entertainment.

“Our membership is closed right now,” said Hunsicker. “However you can be sponsored. We’re looking for positive influences. We want somebody that knows if that they join and just come out and use the facilities and dump some trash that we don’t really need them back.”