VIDEO: Love/Onek campaign victorious

Love and Onek will begin their administration April 15, but they are already beginning the transition.

The 2009 WSGA election results are in, and the Love/Onek campaign is all smiles.

Garrett Love was announced as the landslide victor, garnering 932 out of the record 1,388 presidential votes. Love and vice presidential runningmate Caley Onek were informed of their appointment in front of a large crowd in the basement of the Memorial Union.

“We definitely want to get down to business,” said Love. “That was one thing, knowing that if elected, March 7 we get down to work. We do big things at Washburn University.”

Current WSGA president and vice president Whitney Philippi and Amy Billinger announced the presidential results, as well as the 27 senators who were elected for next year’s senate.

The pair will assume their positions April 15, but are already beginning to transition into their respective roles.

“I’m really excited to work with Whitney and Amy and find out what they’re doing right now and what we can do to adjust into it,” said Onek. “I’m ready. I’m very excited to start.”

Senatorial results

Angel Romero – 702 votes Lisa Ille – 671 votes Amy Hughes – 602 votes Paje Routhier – 598 votes Lucas Mullin – 592 votes Nicole Perkuhn – 556 votes Blake Edwards – 509 votes Rebecca Lange – 495 votes Shamika Stamps – 493 votes Blake Stephen Bryant – 471 votes Lindsey Himpel – 457 votes Dlany Conny – 456 votes Sheldon Warmington – 443 votes Taylor McGown – 411 votes Michael Glass – 410 votes Christopher Jones – 398 votes Ben Cullan – 389 votes Zach Morris – 387 votes Nick A. Brown – 387 votes Kyle Volle – 380 votes Erica Koepsel – 379 votes Edwin Madrigal – 348 votes Andrea Hale – 344 votes Lauren Van Patten – 340 votes Heather Gelsinger – 330 votes Danielle Hunter – 320 votes Betsy Baker – 316 votes

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