West Ridge a cheap option

Regina Budden

Friday night. Date night. The traditional format for a night out is the four-word phrase “dinner and a movie.” But with the regular Hollywood Theater Stadium 14 charging $9.25 per ticket on these nights, even for just two people, a night on the town may cost too much for most Topekans (let alone college students), and we haven’t even factored in the price of popcorn.

But what is the alternative to these economically unsound ticket prices? West Ridge 8 Theaters, where tickets cost $2 apiece, are a much cheaper alternative to the theater up the road. Many students agree that West Ridge 8 is a good way to save a buck when living on a college budget.

“The funny thing is, I remember when those were the expensive ones,” said William Biles, a public administration major.

Although West Ridge 8 used to be the most prestigious of Topeka’s theaters, it has obviously been a while. Caution tape lines broken seats, ceiling tiles fall intermittently, and floors are sticky from spilled pop and the gunk on the bottom of peoples’ shoes. It is no longer the definition of ritzy, but it still serves an important role for Topeka.

James Prather, an accounting major, said that the sticky floors, not money, are a big determent to his viewing enjoyment at West Ridge 8.

“If they were cleaned up, going to the cheap theaters wouldn’t be so bad,” said Prather.

However, Carly Donaldson, a psychology major, goes to the “cheap theater” more often than she does the more expensive Hollywood Stadium.

“The high prices are ridiculous,” said Donaldson, a psychology major. “The movies are worth waiting for to go see for cheap.”

West Ridge employees were unavailable for comment because of to the media policies of the Hollywood Theaters company.

One student described her single night experience at the theaters as a success. Amanda Repp, a finance major, said that several of her friends go to West Ridge frequently, and one evening they finally convinced her to join them.

“I was really excited that it was cheap,” said Repp. “I felt like I was getting my money’s worth. The big theaters make you feel ripped off.”

So maybe West Ridge 8 isn’t exactly the most romantic place. And students should note that it is probably a bad idea for a first date or for trying to impress someone. But for people who are simply looking for a night out with friends or an activity that is inexpensive, fun and entertaining, the West Ridge 8 Theater is just the ticket.