Review hopes for culinary collaboration

As the news of the Chartwells decision unfolds, we hope that the students and the administration can come to an agreement about the quality and price of food.

There has been an increasing amount of student discontent about Chartwells policies. We understand the contractual obligations of both the University and of Chartwells, but we are still hoping that Chartwells and the University take heed of student leadership and students in general. It is our understanding that the Food Services Committee of WSGA was not consulted. It is difficult to understand how a decision with such incredible impact was made without consulting the students elected to represent the student body. Chartwells, and subsequently, the administration, chose to make this decision based on plans made from roughly 350 student, staff and faculty responses. There are more people that live in the LLC than responded to that survey.

The plans proposed by Chartwells sound good, but how much is all of this new food going to cost students? Sure, they are going to spend $700,000, but will that cover all they want to do? Will the cost be passed on to students?

We also hope that any changes won’t lose steam and fail miserably in light of budget cuts and fears.

Until then, lets work together.