Weather, activities warming up

Mike Ditch / Jr.

As a lifelong Topekan, I’ve heard more than enough people complain about the lack of entertainment in this town. As someone who watches the news on a fairly infrequent basis, I’ve also heard there’s a little obesity problem in the United States.

With spring and summer on its way, I’m here to show you the opportunities to put both of these issues to rest.

If you’re allergic to a tan, or can’t handle the heat, my best recommendation is to utilize the SRWC here on campus.

It’s open during the summer to students, and is a great place to kill an hour or two by walking the track, showing the elliptical machine who’s boss, lifting weights, or playing basketball.

There’s also the Nintendo Wii that provides ample opportunities to get in shape as well. As a guy who went three rounds against an 8-year-old, Wii Sports provides a great chance to get a workout while also keeping you entertained. I highly recommend tennis or boxing for an entertaining workout. I’m aware of the Wii Fit, but have heard that most people ditch (heh, get it? See: author name) this game after a few uses.

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, I can really help you out here. There’s nothing more relaxing than spending four to five hours at Lake Shawnee Golf Course.

The views of the lake are nice, the course is in great shape for being stuck in Kansas’ harsh summers and winters, and it’s affordable with your student ID. The exercise of walking this somewhat hilly layout allows you to get a decent workout as well! If golf isn’t your thing, there’s always the nine-plus mile walking trail around the lake.

The city and county parks and recreation departments also offer several ball diamonds for you to get your friends together for some softball. There are the Shunga and Oakland walking trails for you to bike, walk or rollerblade on.

There are several miniature golf courses around town that are entertaining, but unless you’re the guy on ESPN14 battling for that $5,000 grand prize, it’s not the most physically demanding of outdoor activities.

If you’re a swimmer, there are the Gage Park pool and the Shawnee County North pool, both of which should replace the word pool with fun-a-palooza. However, if you’re not wanting to swim with little kids who may or may not have complete control over their, um, plumbing, there’s always Washburn’s natatorium.

There are countless tennis courts throughout the city, as well as a few bike parks, and Gage Park’s dog park to go spend some of your free time.

So quit complaining about how there’s nothing to do in Topeka, and go out and enjoy the weather and get your bod in shape for those incoming freshmen that catch your eye next year.