Never bet against a Spartan

Josh Rouse

Sixty one down, four to go. Anybody else regret dropping $5 on Chris Marshall’s bracket pool?

Michigan State drop-kicked Kansas and number one overall seed Louisville in a matter of 48 hours. The Spartans are on a roll…tonight they dine at Olive Garden.

North Carolina returns to the Final Four, knocking out Oklahoma in the process. Here’s hoping Blake Griffin doesn’t get flipped, concussed, clocked, decked, tripped, punched, kicked or slammed by a backboard before he gets to his first NBA tryout.

In related news, Taylor Griffin can finally focus on his career as Blake’s personal assistant. Who’s little brother now?

Anybody think Bill Self will be sitting in the stands during the National Championship with a UNC shirt on? Yeah, me neither.

UConn and Villanova are the other two teams in the Final Four. Do they give out trophies for third and fourth place?

The nation’s top scoring freshman, Seth Curry, is transferring from Liberty to Duke. Curry, who is Davidson sensation Stephen Curry’s younger brother, will have to sit out a year before he can suit up for action. How do you like them apples, Obama?

Speaking of which, didn’t Krzyzewski get on Obama for talking about sports when there are bigger things to worry about, like the economy? Hey Coach K, see all those empty seats in the stands? Economy.

Self to Manning: Who told the twins they can shoot threes?

Manning to Self: One of the refs, I think.

Self to self: **** my life.

Brian Haug’s blog traffic at increased 5,000 percent this month…most of the hits were from Johnny Kane, though.

Raise your hand if you can name three Royals players. Still no hands?

For all of those Kansas State fans giving KU crap for only making the Sweet 16, I’d like to remind you all that the NIT stands for the Not Important Tournament.

The Chartwells contract is the worst contract since Gilbert Arenas.

The main reason to not study for science is because the NBA has proven that chemistry doesn’t matter. Evidenced by Marbury and the Celtics.

Why is my Bass Pro Shop hat upside down? Do they think people who shop at Bass Pro Shop can’t read? Speaking of, I am retiring the cammo KU one now that KU is out. Hope you’re happy.

I hope God doesn’t smite me for borrowing a legend’s column writing style. Rest in peace, Pete Goering.