WU alum comments on school spirit

Patrick McLaughlin


I’m very disappointed in your lack of participation in the MIAA tournament.  Please tell me that there was some reason you all weren’t there.  It was fun being the only loud and rowdy people in the WU crowd, and the free food from participating in every media time out and half time promotion was nice, but depending on a handful of recent alum to bear the burden of an entire student section is ridiculous.

I quote you the Bod Squad Web page:

“This small group quickly expanded to become the largest student organization at Washburn University. Bod Squad’s goal is simply to have fun while fostering school spirit.”

After 4 years as a Student Org you wouldn’t know it existed by the turn out at the MIAA tournament and you’ve gone bananas if you think you’ve fostered any school spirit.

Our “mature” crowd gave the teams their all, but the WU crowd was a joke compared to that of our opponents.

Our teams had to take on our most bitter rivals without the student support they deserve.  Thankfully, we pulled off dual victories against Emporia, but they were not near as sweet without the endless Hornet hate mongering and heckling for their punitive efforts on and off the court.

Anyone who has been to a basketball game should realize how empowering a vivacious crowd can be during that final 5-minute overtime period.

It is possible that if our Ichabods had felt an overwhelming spirit in the crowd, they may have been overcome by it and empowered to take a victory over UCM into the championship game instead of experiencing the devastating season ending OT loss that occurred in reality.

Wins over UCM and MO-West would have atoned for their regular season record, earned them the automatic bid into the regional tournament, and given them a shot at a national title. Perhaps a long shot, but lets not forget that MO-West nearly earned the bid themselves by knocking of the one seed and only lost in OT to the two seed.

I’m embarrassed at this point to be a Bod Squad Alum, “It IS more than a tradition”…It is a joke.

Congrats to our Ichabods for a valiant effort and to our Lady Blues for another MIAA Tournament Title. And thanks to those few who showed up.


Patrick McLaughlin,

Washburn Alumnus