HALO reestablished at Washburn

Dana Sanchez

A group of five Hispanic students sat around a table in the Boswell Room of the Student Union Monday, becoming acquainted with one another. Their paths have never crossed before, yet something bonded them together – their pride in their culture. Each individual came to the first Hispanic American Leadership Organization meeting with one goal in mind, to help in the reestablishment of the organization at Washburn.

Dona Walker, director of Multicultural Affairs, said that it has been a year since HALO has been an active organization on campus.

“Many students would stop by the office and ask about HALO, and I would pass the information along to them,” said Walker. “It wasn’t until recently that one student has taken the initiative to step forward and take on the responsibilities.”

Lindsay Roeser, junior, is doing just that. Roeser has assumed the responsibilities in making HALO official. Roeser has been gathering names of students who have previously expressed an interest in the organization and e-mailing them. She has also posted fliers throughout campus in an effort to make students aware of the first HALO meeting.

“I walked into the Multicultural Affairs office asking to get more information about HALO, and that is when Dona told me that HALO is awaiting leadership to become active again,” said Roeser. “She offered me the position. I sat on it, and then accepted.”

Roeser said that she accepted the role because the opportunities are endless and it can open the door for more opportunities in her college career.

“I believe that being involved on campus through whichever means, is the most essential part of a student’s college career,” said Roeser.

The main goal for HALO in its reestablishment is recruitment and promotion. The organization must have seven active members in order for it to be an official organization. The five students sat for an hour brainstorming ideas for recruitment, and planning a Cinco de Mayo event on campus.

“Washburn has a small number of Latino students,” said Jeanette Cabrera, sophomore. “I am glad that we are finally getting together to spread awareness of HALO.”

“I saw a flier and thought this would be a great way to network and meet other Hispanics on campus,” said Benny Martinez, freshman.

The group is planning to setup a table outside the Union with a piƱata from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on May 5, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

For more information about becoming a member of HALO, contact Lindsay Roeser at 785.670.1622 or email, [email protected]