VIDEO: Area high school students participate in Chemistry Day

Robert Burkett

Last Thursday, Stoffer Science Hall was the site of Chemistry Day, an annual event hosted by the chemistry department.

Schools from across the state sent students to learn and compete in the events that took place. Among those events was a standardized test from the American Chemical Society, in which the top five participants, which in some cases presented ties between students, were given awards for their accomplishments.

While one group of students took the test, a second group of students was taken to Stoffer’s labs and research areas to get a look at what Washburn’s science and chemistry facilities have to offer incoming students. Many pieces of equipment were showcased in an application setting by current Washburn students, while tours were given to the Chemistry Day guests.

“All the students seemed really interested in the instruments that we had to show,” said David Reed, junior chemistry major.

After the standardized tests had been taken by both groups of students, everyone was given the chance to eat some pizza and snacks provided in part by the Chemistry Club of Washburn.

The second portion of the afternoon featured a tradition of Chemistry Day, the Chemistry Bowl, a quiz show format contest which pits teams of four from different schools against each other in a contest to see who could answer the most chemistry-related questions. Concordia High boasted the winning team in the competition, while Silver Lake High finished second and Hayden, with two teams in the competition, took third.

“All of the students seemed pretty knowledgeable and really seemed interested in chemistry,” said Scott Bush, senior, forensic chemistry major.

While scores were tallied and results were complied, students watched a humorous YouTube blooper reel featuring chemistry experiments gone awry.

After the entertainment, Stephen Angel, associate professor and department chair, took to the podium to congratulate all the students that won, and he offered encouraging words to everyone who had participated.

“You all are the best of the best that Kansas has to offer and we hope to see you all continue your interest in chemistry and the sciences,” said Angel.

Awards were presented to the winners of the day’s events by Alan Shaver, president of the Wakarusa Valley chapter of the American Chemical Society and Renae Solko, president of the Chemistry Club of Washburn.


First place, Casey Zimmerman; Concordia High, Second place, Billy Welton; Hayden, Third place, Pete Ziegler; Hayden, Joe Mayer; Hayden, Fourth place, Creighton Leif; Concordia High, Derek Holmer, Silver Lake High and Fifth place; Kayla Sicard; Concordia High, Carrie Frizzell; Topeka West