Tips for healthy living in residence halls

Staci Streit

Jessi Daily knows all about being tired and grumpy. She knows all about which pain relievers are the best for back and footpain, too. She knows because those are justa few of the symptoms she experienced throughout much of her life.

Until recently, Daily was one ofthe many Americans categorized asoverweight. The unhealthy lifestyle sheonce lived is no more. Although she lost50 pounds to prove it, she said that livinghealthy is not always an easy task, especially while at school.

“I used to always get snacks at thevending machines and stop at the cornershop between classes,” she said. “I’m asucker for those calorie-loaded coffees.”

With the year in full swing, manystudents keep health and fitness as one oftheir top priorities.

“I’m so glad I didn’t gain the freshman 15, but I have quite a few friends who gained weight their freshman year,” said Lisa Adame, a Washburn student and avid health enthusiast.

She attributes her success in the healthrealm to living at home her freshmanyear.

“I could always go home for healthy meals if I wanted to,” said Adame. “If you’re living in the dorms, the cafeteria is really convenient, so I probably would have done that, too.”

Both of these students also said therewere other factors that contributed to themstaying healthy. Staying active is high ontheir list of priorities.

“I go walk at the lake, and I have atrampoline in my backyard,” she said. “Ihave the Wii Fit, too. It’s fun.”

Both said they regularly use theStudent Wellness and Recreation Center atWashburn in addition to making smarterchoices about food.

“I bring apples, a banana, crackers orsomething like a granola bar with me,so I don’t get hungry running betweenclasses,” said Daily. “Most teachers knowyou’re busy and don’t mind if you eat inclass.”

Both self-proclaimed addicts to theirhealthy lifestyles, Adame and Daily havea few tips on things to avoid as well.

Daily suggests staying away fromvending machines and being smart aboutcafeteria food.

“I try not to stay up too late and getenough sleep,” said Adame. “And avoiddrinking a lot of beer. That definitely helpsyour freshman year.”