Chartwells remodel evokes mixed emotions in students

Jennie Loucks

The start of the new school year has brought many changes to the Corner Store and Union Market at Washburn University.

Matt Beadleston, director of Dining Services, explained that the updates were necessary because neither location has been remodeled in 10 years.

“In the food and dining business, things get stale, and then a new look is needed,” he said.

Changes to the Union Market brought new choices to students and faculty. Two new dining venues are the Chef Yan Can Cook Asian Stand and the Wild Green Salad Stand.

In previous years, Dining Services has used the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant to provide Chinese food at certain times during the week. Now, students and faculty will be able to order Chinese food at any time throughout the week.

The Memorial Union previously had one self-serve salad bar, now replaced by Wild Green Salad. With the new stand, customers are still able to create their own salads, but a variety of fresh, specialty salads are also available.

In the Corner Store, the major change is the increase in freezer and fridge space.

“We never really had the space before in the freezers and fridges to allow for home replacement meals,” said Beadleston. “Now students can buy a meal, take it back to the fridge, pull it out whenever, and heat it up.”

This idea of home replacement meals has allowed the Corner Store to sell the Yan Asian meals too.

From a student’s perspective, there are numerous pros and cons to the remodeling.

“I like how the Corner Store is more organized than it was last year,” said Lauren Dickerson, sophomore. “Based off of just looks, the high shelves and items stacked high last year looked really cluttered. Everything in there looks a whole lot better this year. However, I still wish they carried different or a larger variety of foods.”

Dickerson also said that she sees more problems within the Memorial Union at lunchtime.

“I think it is a little bit slower than it was last year,” she said. “I also feel that there is less walking room because the lines for the different food stands go everywhere.”

Angel Romero, senior, said that he really enjoys the new selection at the Memorial Union, especially the Chinese food. At the same time, he believes that Chartwells did away with some student favorites such as breakfast wraps and sandwiches.

“The options are great now, but old favorites such as being able to make your own salad, therefore being able to control the price, are gone,” he said. “The prices for salads are quite steep.”

Romero agreed that the Corner Store is indeed more spacious.

“I feel the same way about the Corner Store as I do the Memorial Union in regards to options being eliminated. The smoothies were a hit with students as well, and now they’re gone,” said Romero.

Beadleston wanted students and faculty both to know that the Memorial Union and the Corner Store are continually growing and that if anyone has any ideas of what should be offered, they can e-mail him at [email protected]