Big plans for Bod Squad

Lauren Eckert

A crowded parking lot full of fans clad in blue and white and the smell of hot dogs fresh off the grill signify that it’s game day at Washburn University.

One tent offers free food catered by Texas Roadhouse to members of the largest student organization on campus, the Bod Squad. Students flock to the stands, some wearing Washburn blue and white, some with letters painted on their stomachs as they coordinate to spell out the word Ichabods from the stands. But all are eager to put on an impressive display of school spirit.

The Bod Squad has been an active student organization focused on boosting school spirit and supporting Washburn athletes for several years. However, during the past couple of years, the organization has fallen out of tradition and has not been as active. Last year, under the leadership of Billie Jean Bergmann, the organization was re-established and recruited more than 350 student members.

Bergmann passed the torch to sophomore Taylor McGown , who recently became president of Bod Squad for the 2009-10 school year.

McGown is eager to get things rolling for the organization.

“Our main goal is just to get more students at the games supporting our athletes,” said McGown. “We are also planning on advertising more for tailgates and sporting events so more students are aware of upcoming events.”

McGown and Bod Squad’s other officers already held a Traditions Night which served to inform and remind students of some Washburn traditions and to get students excited about the upcoming year.

Edwin Madrigal, an active Bod Squad member, said that becoming a member of the organization is extremelly easy and the atmosphere is infectious.

“It is especialy easy for students living on campus to get involved,” said Madrigal. “Meetings are usually held right there in the residence halls and students see announcements up on the bulletin boards and hear their friends talking about it. It’s hard to ignore.”

McGown is also on the Spirit Committee for the Washburn Student Government Association and hopes the two organizations will overlap and help each other out.

“I plan for Bod Squad to help out Spirit Committee and Spirit Committee to help out Bod Squad,” said McGown. “With everyone working together towards the same goals, I foresee the events to be bigger and better this year with more student participation and student satisfaction.”

Any student is eligible to join Bod Squad. The only requirement is a payment of $10 for dues. With this payment, the students will receive a T-shirt and the opportunity to be one of the students flocking to the tent in anticipation of game day.

The first Bod Squad meeting of the year will be tonight at 8:30 in the LLC Lobby and the Blair Room.