Food is awesome but taken for granted

Regina Budden

With fear and trembling, I am getting ready to print my first Argo. Though this is not the biggest milestone in my life, it is certainly an achievement.

This Argo focuses on eateries in Topeka. It’s been pretty interesting to watch everyone trying to make features and reviews of places that everyone eats at. I can’t fail to note that at least three people came to ask me about reviewing Hu Hot just to give them the excuse to eat there.

I think my favorite thing about doing a food Argo is that the act of eating, though it’s extremely essential for our existance, is often taken for granted. We don’t enjoy it very much in our daily lives: we chug some pop, or stuff a sandwich down our throats during lunch break (that is, if our schedules allow for a lunch break). Seldom do we take the time to really appreciate the energy that food gives us, or the time that other people spend preparing our food. So, while I advocate supporting the local cuisine, I would like to share that my personal favorite place to eat is at home after I’ve taken the time to prepare my own food.

So, as you delve further into our fancy food Argo, bon apetit!