Roadhouse delivers flavor, value

Robert Burkett

For those of you hungering for a properly cooked steak and all the atmosphere that goes with it, one restaurant provides all that you desire.

This past weekend this writer had an opportunity to dine out at Texas Roadhouse with an eye to giving fellow students an idea of what to expect should they choose to dine out.

Pricing is typical for a steak house as most entrée’s are priced from eight to 12 dollars per plate and can get to 15 or 17 dollars.

Upon arriving at Texas Roadhouse, the first thing and possibly one of the more unique quirks about the restaurant is the familiar smell of peanuts in the shell from the barrel near the door that you can graze on while you wait to be seated. While waiting, the aroma of fresh bread being baked in the kitchen carries through the waiting area. All of this transpires literally before your eyes as well through the window that allows you to view the kitchen staff busy at work as they prepare steaks and other entrees to your liking.

Once seated, service, which on a Friday is usually pretty hectic, seemed to flow smoothly as drinks were ordered and delivered with speed and a friendly smile.

Entrée choices for the table featured strip steaks and a rib eye which were cooked perfectly. They were accompanied by a vegetable medley that at most restaurants is disappointing rubber, but here somehow managed to come out tasting fresh and delicious.

Aside from the food, the atmosphere was impressive as well. Periodically staff throughout the establishment line-dance, which only adds to the flavor of the Texas experience that the restaurant attempts to convey. If you get a chance to go Roadhouse on your birthday, you will be given the opportunity to sit on the saddle and be serenaded by the Roadhouse version of Happy Birthday.

So if you are looking for a quality meal for at a decent price then give Texas Roadhouse a try.