Bands battle it out in Uptown

Girl power The lead singer for The Untorn, Laura Roach, top, screams into the mic at the Uptown Theater. Her band won the show, and they advanced to the semi-finals, which will be held in October. Derek Kleoppel, below, also played for The Uptown. Photos by Mike Goehring.

Mike Goerhing

Club Wars XVII took place at the Uptown Theater on Friday, and six bands battled against each other, hoping to win a spot in the championship round.

Two stages were filled with bands that performed from the Kansas City and Lawrence area. The Untorn, Vibrant, Jolly Roger, Hectic, Restraint and The Karma Effect took up the main stage. They were competing to be named the winner of the semi-final round in Club Wars.

The Untorn won the show, and the band will now advance into the final round, which will be held Oct. 9. The winner of the final round will win an opening spot at Freakers Ball. More information about Club Wars can be found at

The second stage held eight bands that had competed in the first round, although they did not advance.

Jim Kilroy is the producer of Club Wars. He has put together this annual battle of the bands for more than seven years. Booking bands is something he has been doing for 23 years. Learn more about Jim at