WU offering two hunters’ education courses

Josh Rouse

Washburn will host two hunters’ education courses this fall, according to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

The first course begins Sept. 16 and will run through Sept. 20. The second course begins Oct. 7 and runs through Oct. 11. These are both night courses and will include field time at Shawnee County Lake. Pre-registration is required by calling Mark Gauntt at 785-582-2834.

The Capital City Gun Club will also be offering an internet-assisted hunters’ education course Oct. 17. Students are required to pre-register to gain additional information on how to complete the online portion of the certification, which must be completed prior to the course field day. Students will be tested over the Internet course material at the beginning of field day. Students must score a 22/25 or better to proceed with the rest of the course. Students who fail to do so will be dismissed. For alternate registration options, e-mail Brian Belleau with your name and date of birth at [email protected] or George Petersen at [email protected] or 785-272-4383.