Washburn Institute of Technology

Jennie Loucks

On Wednesday, Sept. 2, 3:30 p.m., what was once known as Kaw Area Technical school officially changed to Washburn Institute of Technology, known as Washburn Tech.

Jerry Farley, president of WU, said that the university has had a working relationship with KAW for decades. Both parties decided they had further interest in exploring a new kind of relationship. Conversations about KAW affiliating with Washburn began. July 1, 2008 became a part of the university, now two years later, the link is complete.

“After we decided to merge Washburn and the technical school, we knew it was a relationship that was destined to work,” said Farley. “Both had great reputations and connections with the community. Now under one roof, we offer students the opportunity to go as far as they want to go.”

Roxanne Kelly, dean of Washburn Tech, said that she was very pleased with the number of people who came to the unveiling, considering the unfavorable weather earlier in the day.

“This is one of the successes you work, work, work, work, and stress over. To see everyone here, the Washburn family as a whole, this is a very rewarding day,” said Kelly.

The most exciting aspect of this partnership for her is the opportunities for the students. She said that having an associate degree and then being able to move straight into a bachelor’s degree without having to start over will result in major success.

During the transition, faculty members have been very positive. Connie Kautz, assistant health occupational coordinator and part-time instructor, said that she really appreciates how caring and respectful everyone has been toward the employees at Washburn Tech.

“This transition has provided so many opportunities already,” said Kautz. “We’re thinking of a possible bridge program from LPN to RN. Students can start at the base-level with a CNA, and then get a CMA, or Home Health, then move on to an LPN. Fromthere they will be able to go on to an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. They can do all of this under Washburn University.”

Washburn Tech offers Career Training Programs, continued education courses, and customized training in the areas of business, industry and government.

Jonathan Wimer, coordinator of continuing education and marketing for Washburn Tech, said that the school is now offering 50 new continuing education courses, including computer classes.

After completing one semester at Washburn Tech, student will then qualify for a reduced tuition rate at Washburn University if they choose to pursue an associate degree. Tuition is currently $75 per credit hour for students at Washburn Tech.