Gliding through college

Mikey G.

Washburn student Daniel Salazar runs a local skate shop in downtown Topeka that is home for local skateboarding and a recently dying lifestyle.

“It has allowed me to explore the world on four little wheels,” said Salazar.

Midwest Skate is known for its unique style, individualism, and raw skateboarding. Run by skateboarders, you’re guaranteed the best product review and awesome skate tips, as well as being part of a community. Located downtown on 6th and Kansas, the shop adds color to the ghostly atmosphere, attracting a younger crowd. With the recent outburst of corporate invasion, the sales are definitely suffering along with a style that is increasingly becoming not so unique.

Skateboarding has always been know for taking care of itself, a very independent business, but the recent amount of exposure is making it more corporate.

Salazar originally started in skateboarding retail in Garden City.

Wanting to go to school at Washburn he decided to move his shop with him to the City of Topeka. He later expanded to owning a shop in Lawrence as well but due to the high rise in gas in 2006 the second location closed. For the last three years Midwest was located in West Ridge Mall and recently moved to a new location where a mini ramp is planned to be built. They also recently constructed a Web site at a place where you can learn more about the shop, new products, and its team.

Salazar is going to school for a major in art and hopes to continue working in the skateboarding industry as long as he can. “I don’t have to sit on the sidelines and be like yeah… I can do it anytime I want” said Salazar.

No matter what you might be into always be true to it and never sell out.