Treats of Topeka:

Treats of Topeka Best pasta

Jennie Loucks

If you’re driving up 21st and headed toward Wanamaker, you’re in for a treat. A right at the stoplight and you’ve just entered the road to a full, satisfied belly. Here, we will take a journey to examine just what the restaurants on Wanamaker are made of.

The Best Pasta: Olive Garden

Price: Most dishes are moderate to expensive, depending on what is ordered.

Service: Food is generally delivered quickly and the servers are always very attentive and courteous.

Dining Atmosphere: The atmosphere is quiet and personal.

Variety of Food: The restaurant has an Italian theme, so most foods are of the pasta variety.

Take Out/Delivery Options: Take Out is available.

The Best Midnight Dinner: IHOP

Price: The food is very cheap, and the servings are very big.

Service: The waitresses and waiters are fun and energetic, even in the wee hours of the morning. The food usually gets out in a timely fashion as well.

Dining Atmosphere: This is definitely not a place you go to have an intimate conversation with someone. It’s loud and fun.

Variety of Food: There is everything breakfast that you could ever imagine, as well as some dinner dishes.

Take Out/Delivery Options: IHOP ‘n Go is available.

The Best Mexican Grill: Chipotle

Price: This place is cheap, especially for the amount of food you get.

Service: Service is a little slow sometimes, but the waiting staff makes up for it with their personalities.

Dining Atmosphere: It’s a very unique place to dine. The d├ęcor is great.

Variety of Food: Viva la Mexico! Burritos, Tacos, Ole!

Take Out/Delivery Options: Take Out is available.

The Best Wings: Buffalo Wild Wings

Price: Prices aren’t too bad here, but they could be a little cheaper.

Service: The waiting staff is fast and efficient here.

Dining Atmosphere: A game of some sort is always on the big screens, so it is always loud and energetic.

Variety of Food: Everything wing is available here as well as burgers, sandwiches and wraps.

Take Out/Delivery Options: Take Out is available.

The Best Soup and Salad: Panera Bread

Price: It is comparable to Subway, but nicer.

Service: Food comes out quickly and it’s always fresh.

Dining Atmosphere: It’s very relaxed, and chill.

Variety of Food: They serve breads, bagels, soups, salads and sandwiches.

Take Out/Delivery Options: Take Out is available.

The Best Pizza and Calzones: Old Chicago

Price: The prices are moderate. You get what you pay for.

Service: It’s fast service.

Dining Atmosphere: It’s a fun dining atmosphere.

Variety of Food: Pizza, pastas and sandwiches are their specialties.

Take Out/Delivery Options: Take Out is available.