VIDEO: Grass skirts and sauerkraut

Margaret Pilcher

The Union was transformed into an island of activity for this month’s Scorch on the Porch.

It was a mixture of Homecoming festivities and a twist on the age-old German tradition: Oktoberfest-sans the alcohol. Students took a break from the monotony of classes, Thursday, to take part in the festivities.

“It was pretty funny to see such different themes at this month’s Scorch on the Porch,” said Paige Prockish, freshman. “I looked one way and saw Halloween decorations for Oktoberfest, and then in the other direction I saw flowered leis and hats adorned with tropical scenes for Homecoming. It was kind of like a meshing of two completely different worlds.”

Located just outside the Cornerstore, Scorch on the Porch had a wide array of festive booths offering goodies to students and staff. The Washburn Bookstore ran great sales on items like CD’s, DVD’s and various reading materials-almost all for under $5. Homecoming t-shirts, the Ichabod Cookbook and a variety of Halloween items were also offered.

“There were a lot of passersby and browsers, but I can’t say that we had good business,'” said Sabrina Fanim, freshman, who worked with the bookstore selling items. “Mostly everyone was interested in signing up for Events That Matter notifications and receiving a free Ichabod tattoo and a small prize in return, also sponsored by the bookstore.”


In addition to the bookstore’s contribution to Scorch on the Porch, Chartwell’s catered a German-themed smorgasbord including grilled bratwurst with optional sauerkraut, German potato salad, pumpkin bars, hot chocolate and apple cider.

“My favorite part was the meal offered because I could actually afford it,” said Grant Stephens, junior. “A meal like that would have been a lot more expensive somewhere else.”

Across the “isle” from the smell of pumpkin and brats were intricately detailed top hats, one decorated from each sorority, fraternity, club and even some various club services to portray a tropical getaway. Hats were on sale for $50 each, and they were going fast. Jars were placed next to each hat to accept donations, all which went to United Way, in addition to the $50 base price. The winning hat was determined by the amount of donations each hat received.

When all the excitement peaked and left students parched, Pepsi representatives were to the rescue. The two reps offered free SoBe Lifewater along with ROCKSTAR Energy in many different flavors. Pepsi was in the giving mood because in addition to free drinks, they offered a chance to win tickets to the 2009 Kanza Bowl and a tailgating package from Hy-Vee.

“I love Scorch on the Porch because it provides an entertaining break from my studies, and I get to engage in social situations with friends I don’t get to see to often,” said Josh Ramsey, senior. “Also, I have to say I love Bram Wignand’s Polka Review’s music filling the air.”