Fall frenzy exciting for hunters

Josh Rouse

With the changing of leaves and the subtle (or not so subtle) drop in temperature, a yearning develops in many hunters’ collective chests that can signal only one thing: hunting season.

This fall is no different than any other, and there are an array of seasons that are opening or have already opened for hunters to take advantage of.


Deer season is generally one of the most heavily anticipated seasons amongst hunters, as the passion that goes along with buck fever is severely contagious. A simple hunting video or sale at Cabelas is often all it takes.

While the rifle season only lasts a couple weeks (Dec. 2-13), the archery season lasts a whole three months and can provide some intense fall action. The best course of action during the fall is to use a feeder or hunt a food plot. Food is one of the most basic necessities of deer, and a big pile of corn usually draws them in.

It is also worth investing in a trail camera, so you have an idea of how many deer are eating in the area, how big they are and what time they usually begin eating.

The rut usually kicks in around mid-November, and this is when deer go willy-nilly. With hormones driving them crazy, it’s possible to get within feet of a buck without him noticing you’re there.


Fall turkey season is generally overlooked because of the popularity of deer hunting, but it can be one of the most exciting times to chase gobblers.

The important thing to remember when chasing a tom in the fall is that, with leaves underfoot, you have to be very silent when walking through heavily wooded areas. Crackling leaves are a sure sign for turkeys of a predator. Take it slow and easy on your approach and you can go unnoticed.


The duck and goose seasons open on Halloween, but there’s nothing tricky about this season.

Waterfowlers are extremely loyal to their sport, spending hours practicing their calling and shooting methods. Though this season goes into the late winter months, with snow geese going as late as spring, the fall really is the perfect time to get out and shoot some birds.

Generally, the duck migration is the best early on, while geese see more action toward the end of November, especially snow geese.