Glamour Kills tour coming to K.C.

Mikki Burcher

As a wanna-be connoisseur of music, the opportunity to write about my favorite music,  aka rock, just could not be passed up. So now I present to you Mikki’s top 25 greatest rock bands of all time:

Kidding! Got ya, didn’t I?

If you only see one live local show in your life, make it Times New Roman. With a sound similar to the band Aiden, the stage presence delivered by the five-member band is unbeatable. Times New Roman’s pulse-pounding rock, lyrical genius and devotion to their fans has earned them a well-deserved local fan base. TNR continues to put out new material and never disappoints.

If local music isn’t your scene, never fear. I have something for you too. If you have yet to pick up tickets to the Glamour Kills tour in Kansas City, get online and do so ASAP. The Nov. 20 concert promises good times and even better music.

Featured bands include All Time Low (yay), We the Kings (double yay), Hey Monday and The Friday Night Boys. All of the featured bands have a punk rock vibe, outstanding lyrics, and awesome stage presence. And all the lead singers have incredible voices.

Finally, if you want to get even further from local, I can suggest some over-seas bands that will rock your world. Or at least your speakers. From Finland hails Nightwish, blending the sounds of a symphony, opera and rock. New front lady Annette holds her own amidst a sea of guitar riffs, incredible drum rhythms and guitarist Marco backing on vocals.

If symphonic metal doesn’t suit your fancy, maybe screamo emo will be better. Try Enter Shikari, courtesy of the UK.

I hope my rock music has been rocking your world and blowing your mind… but not your speakers. Rock on!