WU students develop interactive game to launch this week on campus

Kate Hampson

Nearly all college students use Facebook on a daily basis and cell phones are practically fused to their hands; texting, talking, taking pictures and videos. On Nov. 10, there will be a new way for students to use both things to play a campus-wide game to win free stuff.


Scavenge U is a modern day scavenger hunt that uses social networking and other technology as the only type of communication throughout the game. Scavenge U was created by students from the TV Production I class in the mass media department at Washburn University. The game is made to be simple, but challenges participants to utilize the technology they use in everyday life to remain in the game.


“This game is on the cutting edge. Not a lot of people are doing these kinds of things, using different types of social networking to engage people in a game,” said Charles Cranston, a mass media professor and adviser for the game.


In order to play, participants need a cell phone with the ability to take pictures or a digital camera, Internet access, an e-mail address and a Facebook account. The first step is to join the Scavenge U group on Facebook. There, participants will find the link to the game web page: www.scavengeu.weebly.com. On Nov. 10, the day of game launch, beginning at 7:00 a.m., anyone can visit the web page to watch a video clue or read a riddle to figure out where on campus they need to go.

Once they have figured out what location they think the scavenger hunt is taking them, students will take a picture or video of the location with a cell phone or camera and submit to the Facebook page or e-mail it to [email protected] for a chance to stay in the game and get the next clue the following day. By evening on Friday, Nov. 13, once all the clues have been revealed and the e-mails and Facebook submissions have been evaluated, a grand prize winner will be awarded.


For more information about the game and how to play, visit www.scavengeu.weebly.com. Everyone and anyone is welcome to play and there are no fees for participation. The Hunt!, another game made by the same mass media class, will launch Nov. 17 for a second chance to win prizes. Information for The Hunt! can be found at www.atwashburn.weebly.com .