Roads pave way to employment

Robert Burkett

As I drive to school every morning I bounce along the roads (if you can call them that) I am reminded by where we are as a nation and where we are going.

It was almost fifty years ago that President Eisenhower passed the first of several laws calling for the creation of a national highway and transportation system. Fifty years later the nation is staring at what could be the salvation of the country’s economy.

If Topeka’s roads, which have been in dire need of constant work from about the beginning of the decade, are any indication of the condition of the rest of the roads and highways spanning the country then a new jobs program of an entirely different sort needs to be explored instead of complaining about the loss of high tech and other high paying jobs as companies ship them abroad.

At some point when does a paycheck supersede the need to work a job that is deserving of a college degree? Shouldn’t paying the bills and taking care of one’s family be the final decision making influence on if you take a job or not?

It hasn’t yet struck anyone in the White House because the creation of high paying jobs is all that is stressed about. Perhaps President Obama and his administration should concentrate on creating jobs no matter the educational requirement.

This project would ideally give people, who are not as educated and looking for a way out of their financial difficulties a way not only to collect a good paycheck, but allow for the improvement of aging infrastructure before we have another incident such as what occurred in Minneapolis in 2007, in which a bridge collapsed injuring commuters on their way home, and is but a tip of the iceberg in what to expect if deterioration of the highway and system of bridges throughout the nation is allowed to go unchecked.

Regardless of the job, at the end of the day though Americans need to get back to work and pursue what made the country the envy of the world during the previous century in its desire for greatness as a nation.