YouTube pick of the week: Sports Edition

Matt Wilpur

This week I have decided to write a special YouTube Pick for the Sideliner.  Don’t worry you can still catch the regular YouTube pick, just go to the A&E section to check it out.  Just consider this an early Christmas present from me.

Because the Sideliner is all about sports, I found a clip that is all about amazing basketball shots.  It’s called “Dude Perfect – Ranch Edition” which is a group of friends that do amazing basketball shots.

These shots are the craziest things I have ever seen.  The thing is that there is more then one video by these guys.  What I want to know is how long it takes these guys to get these shots to work.  The funny part of this video is when they show some bloopers at the end.

So these videos obviously take a lot of time to do.  So I’m guessing these guys were dumped by their girlfriends and started to devote all their time to this.  Not a great way to express your depression but there are worse things.

In one of the shots, he does  “The Shotgun Shot.” He uses the recoil of the shotgun to hit the ball into the basket.  Right as he’s doing this trick, it says at the bottom of the screen “Experienced Marksman: Do Not Attempt.”  It’s been awhile since I have shot a gun but am sure it doesn’t take an experienced marksman to shoot the ground.*  However, the trick is still pretty cool.

Check these guys out; their tricks are impressive.  If you like this one check out the summer camp one. It was hard to decide which one to choose. ‘Til next week, stay classy, Washburn.

*Matt and The Washburn Review are not condoning the shooting of guns, and if you do shoot them, be safe about it.