Mineral collection donated to Science Hall

Ben Fitch

Passersby might notice a variety of shiny objects conspicuously displayed in the glass case of the Stoffer Scence Hall. But those who don’t frequent the building are welcome to observe the new mineral exhibit in room 102.

The exhibit, donated by Joseph Brown, features variations of quartz from Telluride, Colorado that Brown collected from the local gold and silver mines.

Brown, 88, studied soil science at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and later worked for the Department of Agriculture. He made additions to the collection over a period of 60 years. And after living in Topeka with his wife for 10 years, he decided Washburn was a good home his mineral collection.

“I was looking for someone who would like to have [the collection],” Brown said. “I wanted to give it to people who would be putting the information out there, instead of trying to sell it.”

The exhibit will be on display indefinitely, and is to be used for display in geology classes, said Tambra Eifert, geology lecturer.