Dorm 101

Andy Butler

Students have a wide variety of choices when it comes to on-campus living at Washburn University.  Since 2001 there have been several changes on Washburn’s campus and some dormitories might have a little more to offer than others.


Kuehne and West Hall were built in the 1980’s to house students who didn’t have the desire to join a fraternity or sorority but wanted the convenience of living on campus.  Kuehne and West Hall were the only dorms on campus until the Living Learning Center was built in 2001 and Washburn Village was built in 2005.


The Living Learning Center offers students a variety of services including seminar rooms, computer labs, reading rooms, laundry facilities, study rooms, recreation areas, and are just a few stairs away from the food court.  Kuehne and West Hall offer cable television, wall-to-wall carpeting, microwaves, vending machines, beds, desks, dressers, chairs and even a waste basket.


“I love having everything right here for me, if I need anything at all, it’s not too far away,” said Lance Quilling, a resident of the LLC.


Students living in the LLC are predominantly freshman, sophomores and international students, whereas students living in Kuehne and West Halls are returning students and upper classmen.  What can be done to attract more students to Kuehne and West Hall?


Misty Renden, director of residential living at Washburn University, says there are still a lot of things Kuehne and West Hall have to offer.


“A couple years ago there were several renovations in both dorms.  New bathrooms, kitchens, showers and new stalls were installed, that helped to modernize these dorms,” says Renden.

There are 375 students living in the LLC (capacity 400), 190 students living in the Washburn Villages (capacity 192), 37 residents in Kuehne (capacity 39), and 37 residents in West Hall (capacity 43)

“These days bigger is better,” says Mike Kolich, a former resident of Kuehne Hall.  “If they had dorms that offered all that the LLC offers when I was here, I would have been an idiot to turn it down,” Kolich says.

There is still one thing that Kuehne and West Hall can offer that the LLC and Washburn Villages cannot- cheaper rent. 

“Last time I checked money has always been an issue for college students and their parents, what’s lacking in one area can be made up in another,” said Renden.