Sports blunders big in 2009

Josh Rouse

It’s official—2009 was not the greatest year ever.

Hundreds of celebrities died, the Yankees won a World Series and it appears no Kansas collegiate football team will make a bowl game… not even the Kanza Bowl.

For all the good things that happened (first African-American taking office,  155 passengers surviving a plane crash, Oprah deciding to call it quits), a thousand bad things happened.

Speaking of “Bad News Bears,” the sporting world saw its share of bad news, as well. Here are some of the major sports blunders in 2009.

Mangino Meltdown: This one is closest to my own heart, so it must be first on the list. Following historic back to back bowl games for the University of Kansas football team and a 5-0 start behind senior phenom Todd Reesing, all seemed well in Jayhawk land. Then, amidst allegations of head coach Mark Mangino throwing his weight around with players (and believe me, there’s plenty of it to throw), Kansas fans endured a 0-7 slide from potential BCS competitors to last place in the Big 12 North and Mark Mangino, once considered a savior for the lousy football program, is now likely on his way out the door.

The Good News: It’s basketball season.

Haley to the Chiefs: Ok, so this one doesn’t quite have the oomph to be considered a blunder yet, but close enough. We’ve seen it all before: a charismatic young leader gives hope to followers, then realizes his job is impossible. At least Kansas City head coach Todd Haley doesn’t have to fix the health care system.

The Good News: I’m a Vikings fan!

Frank Tanks: Q: What happens when a professional sports team starts the season 0-16? A: The coach gets fired.

That’s the scenario for New Jersey Nets head coach Lawrence Frank, who led the team (if you consider it leading) to an abysmal 0-16 record and was fired prior to Sunday’s loss against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Good News: At least he gets to move from New Jersey.

Young vs. Old: The Tennessee Titans started quarterback/senior citizen Kerry Collins to begin the season, all the while sitting Vince Young. After an 0-6 start, the Titans sat Collins and let Young start. The Titans are now 5-6 after Young’s game winning drive against the Arizona Cardinals Sunday.

The Good News: Vince Young has officially been taken off suicide watch.