New tools help conquer shopping stress


When one hears the words, “Economic Apocalypse” uttered from pundits and economic experts mouths some cringe in expectation of what is sure to be tough times ahead.

That statement from such reputable sources as CNBC (yes, I’m looking at you Jim Cramer), along side the likes of comedians (that includes you too, John Stewart), has been put to the test this season as shoppers go out in search of the deals that will make this season happy for those who look to bows and boxes under the tree for reassurance that things will be OK.

So far, these assertions have been defeated as Christmas shoppers go out into the world this season armed with new tools that will allow them to make smarter decisions.

In what is being termed the first “smart” shopping year in holiday history, those with smart phones are the new “popular crowd” as they are able to get up to date information at the push of a screen as they attempt to find that best deal. No longer is a whole team of parents and relatives needed to scour the mall for hours braving the crowds in an attempt to coordinate the shopping experience.

One application that is seeing massive popularity is “Redlaser,” which allows those with an Apple Iphone to scan barcodes on products so that they can then compare prices with other local competitors in order to find the most affordable and available products this season.

The next revolution in the line up of technological answers to the nightmare of holiday shopping is a new software created by Resources Interactive called “Off the Wall,” a tool that can be used by companies to sell directly to people on Facebook through your

Facebook feed. This new software makes the shopping experience almost viral in its ability to be accessed not only directly from the company wall but through someone putting it in their status update and is presumably accessible via smart phone as well through Facebook mobile.

All of this combined with the “traditional” nature of a company website allows for unprecedented access to shopping for the customer and the same can be said for the retailer who can now present their products to a customer no matter where they are and what they are doing.

So as we approach the end of the year and holiday shopping kicks into full gear, The Review’s View wishes you all a safe, happy and above all else “smart” holiday season.