Cherish the charity

Valerie Cavilgia

It is amazing what one experience can do to change your entire life. Something this significant happened on Christmas day when I was 10 years old. My parents decided we would work for Meals on Wheels that day. At first, I was afraid to ring the doorbells of strangers. But with each and every home we visited, people greeted us warmly, with joy in their eyes and an embracing hug. I felt so good inside. What we were doing was more than providing a meal.

We were filling a void. Most of the wonderful people we met that day were spending the holiday alone with no one to share it with or anyone to visit. And as good as I felt when the door opened, I found myself filled with intense sadness when the door closed. They were alone again.

That night, when we sat at the movies together, I felt so safe and warm because I had my family surrounding me. I have always held on to that feeling. I will forever remember how important it is to cherish the moments I have with them, especially at the holidays.