Family lights up during the holidays

Mikki Burcher

Black Friday holds no appeal to my family. Wading through masses of people and waiting an hour to get to a register just seems anti-holiday, so this year my family stayed home and put up Christmas lights the Friday after Thanksgiving.

When I was younger, I enjoyed putting up lights because it made our home look like a magical sparkling gingerbread house. Plus, I got to climb on the roof. But as I got older, I realized that my family’s Christmas lights gave us much more than a beautifully lit house. A tradition had been formed and family bonding time had ensued.

After two years of having an outrageous energy-sucking light display, people began to ask when we would be decorating or tell us how much they were looking forward to seeing the newest addition to the nativity. And I realized that something we were doing because it made us happy was making others just as happy… and that truly is the essence of the season!

So now, I enjoy putting up Christmas lights not only because they are just absolutely beautiful, but because it is a family tradition that gives happiness to others.