DO NOT PUBLISH: WU Student drives to Pacific Ocean


Senior Jim McClintock is excited about entering his final year at Washburn. McClintock will be graduating in spring 2020.

Jim McClintock

This summer, Jim McClintock took two online courses, English 300 and Astronomy 101. McClintock took these courses in order to graduate in the spring of 2020.  It was McClintock’s first time taking summer online courses. His sanity was tested, but in the end, he was able to pass both classes. “The online course put me on course to graduate next spring. It was extremely stressful, but thankfully C’s get degrees.” McClintock said.

 McClintock also took a road trip with his girlfriend; they drove from Topeka, Kansas to Phoenix, Arizona and then to San Diego, California. They drove through Colorado and visited family. Before leaving Colorado, they stopped at a marijuana dispensary. It was McClintock’s first time in such an establishment. “It (the dispensary) was really weird, but it was just like going into a restaurant, they gave me a menu to look over and answered every question I had,” said McClintock. McClintock would not disclose if he made a purchase or not.

While in San Diego, the couple visited the Pacific Ocean and enjoyed the beautiful weather. They also visited a Filipino grocery store. This was really exciting for McClintock. “The grocery store had all of my favorite foods, it’s something that we don’t have in the midwest and was really one of my favorite parts of the trip.” McClintock flew back to Kansas City to end his trip.