New professor comes to WU Law School

New faces in new places is a recurring theme across Washburn this year and the law school is no exception.

The law school is bringing in a new professor to help start up a new program at Washburn.

Washburn’s law school features several areas of focus that are split down into Centers for Excellence. Joining the lineup of these centers is the Center for Law and Government. The establishment of the program is a step in the work to refocus the school’s ability to provide students the ability to better understand the functioning relationship between the practice of law and the machinations of government.

“The Center will provideĀ  legal education to prepare highly qualified public servants for a broad range of careers associated with local, state and federal government,” said Thomas Romig, dean of the law school.

The law school has recruited Reginald Robinson to be the new director of the Center for Law and Government. Robinson, prior to his new post, has been the president of the Kansas Board of Regents since 2002. Robinson has also held positions as chief of staff to University of Kansas chancellor Robert Hemenway and visiting associate professor at KU’s law school as well.

Robinson has also spent time serving both in the Department of Justice as a Deputy Associate Attorney General as well as on the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

Robinson is looking forward to joining the Washburn law school faculty and getting back in front of students.

“I look forward to returning to a law school classroom and working with students after so many years away from work that I love very much,” said Robinson.

Robinson also has ideas for the new center and envisions what he would like to see as part of the center’s focus.

“I am especially grateful that through my leadership of the law school’s Center for Law and Government, I will have the opportunity to create a positive connection with issues related to government and policy in Kansas and beyond,” said Robinson.