Youtube pick of the week: a guys point of view on the Twilight saga

This week I came upon a group of videos that is the best. The people that make these videos are called HISHEdotcom also known as How It Should Have Ended. They have 24 endings to popular movies like “Avatar” and “Transformers.”

For the article I have chosen to go with the “Twilight” remake. The scene starts where Edward has to choose to either let Bella change into a vampire or suck out the venom that will change her.

This is a wake-up call to all the ladies in the world. This is how “Twilight” would have ended if a woman didn’t write it. If it was written by a man it could have gone down two different ways. It could take the Nicholas Sparks way where Edward would have turned her and lived happily ever after, or the Stephen King way where Edward wouldn’t have been able to stop and would have killed Bella.

The very end is funny also; Edward and Blade (the half vampire half human who kills vampires) are in a tree together. They are talking about how vampires can walk around during the daytime. This sparked a question in my mind, who would win, Edward or Blade? Then the winner would have to fight Buffy.

This video is how “Twilight” should have ended. It is better than the real ending, at least from a guy’s view. ‘Til next week, stay classy, Washburn.