WU v. Washburn Tech

With the combination of traditional students, international students, adult students returning to finish their degree or to get another one, and some high school students, it has, at times, been deemed as non-traditional.

But Washburn’s affiliate. Washburn Institute of Technology is even more non-traditional. A recent comparison showed some similarities and many differences.

Washburn Tech, as it has come to be called, located on Huntoon, near Wanamaker, has 30 diploma programs. They also provide continuing education to enhance existing employment. The tuition depends on the program the students involved in. The campus has no dorms and no athletic teams either. There is also a playground for children.

In comparison, Washburn is traditional. There are three dorms on campus, a union and corner store, and has nearly 7,000 students and the tuition rates are based on in-state and out-of-state students. There are more than 200 degree programs leading to a certification or degree.

The school of applied studies at Washburn offers a joint program in conjunction with Washburn Tech that result in an associate degree from Washburn. Classes are taken at both institutions.