Jayme Burdiek Profile

Alexis Chicalas

Jayme Burdiek is a new full time faculty lecturer for Washburn’s business department. To Burdiek, Washburn is not just a place to work, it’s her home. After years of working in banking and finance, she wanted to work in a place where she could make a difference, where the people were the bottom line.  

“I am excited to have the opportunity to share my experience and to help students get the grasp on taking textbook material for business, with real world examples and applications so to make their transitions smoother,” said Burdiek. 

She also hopes to show her students how to bring book knowledge to life and how to apply it to learning. 

“Teaching isn’t just knowledge transition. It’s experiential learning,” said Burdiek. “They will get out of my class exactly what they put into it.”  

Sophomore business major, Jonny Clausing, can agree with what Burdiek has stated about getting out what you put inHe believes that drive and persistence are two big qualities needed to be a business major.  

“Being a business major means you have to have determination,” said Clausing. “You have to want and know how to learn the material.”

Burdiek a fifth generation Topeka woman, where she was born and raised. She grew up in Shawnee county and attended Shawnee Heights High School. Burdiek completed her undergrad at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, and then went on to earn her MBA at Washburn University in December of 2016. Before being asked to be an adjunct instructor for the investments class, Burdiek worked 11 years at the federal home loan bank as a security benefit. She started working at Washburn in August of this year.

At school, Burdiek is the professor with the desire to teach, but at home she is a mother and a wife. She loves spending time with her two daughters and riding around on the Harley Davidson with her husband. Not only does she have a daring side, but she is also very creative. She enjoys art, painting and landscaping.

Edited by Jessica Galvin, Adam White, Jackson Woods