YouTube Pick of the Week: Crazy lady loses it

This week’s pick takes crazy fat lady to a whole new meaning.

I have chosen the video “Crazy Lady Yells At Skaters (With Subtitles).” The background information of this video is that some skaters were in a parking lot filming themselves doing tricks.

Insert Crazy Lady: she gets out of a car and starts yelling. I am confused about why she yells at them. It doesn’t seem like she is a manager of the establishment or anything. I really think she just went crazy and started yelling.

At one point she yells, “Yeah you guys should, you peed on me before!” I really don’t understand where this comes from. They were fighting about photography and she just yells out about being peed on.

This lady has failed in so many ways. First, the people were not taking photographs; that little red light on the front of the camera means they are recording. Second, the people were not taking illegal pictures because she is in a public place. This means they can film or photograph anything they want.

This lady must have escaped from the state hospital. I just hope that her Dairy Queen can make her feel better. She has to think that she is Paris Hilton and the other people are the paparazzi. I just don’t know if the paparazzi have ever peed on Paris Hilton.

‘Til next week, stay classy, Washburn and don’t be like this lady.