SRWC restructures

John Cummings is the new assistant director of the Student Recreaction and Wellness Center.

Tesa DeForest

A new title is about the only thing changing for John Cummings of the student recreation and wellness center.

John Cummings has been the program coordinator for the SRWC since the facility opened in fall of 2005. Early this month he accepted a promotion to assistant director. The position came about as a result of a decision to restructure the facility’s professional staff. SRWC director Joel Bluml decided to merge the assistant director and program coordinator positions. Not much will change as a result of Cummings’ new position.

“I did not get to shed any of my responsibilities,” said Cummings. “It’s more of a formal acknowledgment of some of the duties I was doing beforehand.”

Cummings won’t see any change in his day-to-day activities since he has essentially already been doing the job of the assistant director. He previously toted the responsibilities of coordinating the intramural and the rock wall programs as well as assisting with open recreation.

Cummings focuses on continuing to develop the programs he has been in charge of for the past five years.  He puts a great deal of attention into the under-utilized rock wall program.

“I’m trying to get more people to participate and understand what a good opportunity it is to vary your exercise routine,” said Cummings.

The SRWC offers rock wall certification classes but experience isn’t required for climbing. The rock wall is open Monday through Friday, Sunday 4-8.

The people are what make Cummings’ job stand out. His new position allows him to work closely with both the professional and student staff. He also has the privilege of working with the faculty and staff as well as students.

“The staff is just fantastic,” said Cummings, “they really do enjoy coming to their job every day.”