Blues hope to swat Hornets

In the Hornet’s nest The starting five exit the court during Saturday’s Senior Night, four of whom are seniors. The Blues face their last game of the regular season tonight against rival Emporia State, which beat WU 54-47 earlier in the season.

Ben Fitch

The Lady Blues will begin to get it in for the end of the season in 2010. They face Emporia State tonight at 5:30 to determine the top seed of the MIAA tournament. The raucous rivalry perpetually ensues with more fervor than ever after the loss the Lady Blues suffered against the Hornets, Jan. 16.

That game tallied to 54-47—one of only three season losses.

“We defend them pretty well,” said head coach Ron McHenry, “but it was tough without Rose. She gives us the opportunity to use a different guarding position.”

Rose Hammond, the senior guard from Depew, Okla., was out with injury for 10 days, so she was unable to play.

“I don’t have any excuses this time,” said Hammond.

She expects to win this time around.

“Head to head we are a better team,” she said. “They do have some talented players, but we will try to be aggressive and defend them. I’m pretty confident for the win. There should be no problems winning this game.”

McHenry said the pressure for vengeance would have no effect on the game play tonight.

“We are worried about the conference picture. There are things we have to do to concern ourselves. [The girls] know what’s coming against them,” he said.

The Hornets drive their play with a great percentage from outside the arc. In the last game against Washburn, the team shot 39.6 percent in three-point field goals. They pull out the floor and the Hornet guards will rebound the ball. McHenry said there hasn’t been any special attention given to Emporia State in terms of preparation. He said the team will try to do what it has done all year, and attempts to match Emporia State’s screens could lead to confusion.

“It’s just the next game in line,” said McHenry.

“The last three games are huge for us,” said Hammond. “We will put in work and hopefully get the one seed.”