Google, Kansas Day promotes, informs WU

Google-y Eyed Josh Maples, executive director of CAB, opens the festivities of Google, Kansas Day at an informational press conference. The event was held to gain support for Think Big Topeka in its efforts to bring the Google Fiber Experiment to Topeka.

A parade of primary colors accompanied the triangular Google sign floating about the Memorial Union Tuesday, March 23 as Washburn celebrated Google, Kansas Day.

The event was sponsored by the Campus Activities Board and Think Big Topeka.

The celebration kicked off with an informational press conference that shared information about the Google Fiber Project to the public.

Jared Starkey, a representative from Think Big Topeka, explained how the project could bring booming business to the Topeka area.

“All the companies who want to build and test new-age technology will come here,” Starkey said, believing that this advanced technology will  eventually be a resource that everyone will use.

Starkey also said that the project will provide more jobs to Washburn graduates, both long and short term.

“This would be a huge shot in the arm  for Topeka’s economy,” said Starkey.

Josh Maples, executive director of CAB, said that this opportunity could be “a way for us to be creative, collaborative and productive.”

Maples said that bringing the Google Fiber Project to Topeka would allow Washburn to be the leading developer of Web 3.0, with the fiber optics bringing amazing speed and instantaneous downloads.

In a mass e-mail sent later Tuesday afternoon, university president Jerry Farley voiced “his support for this wonderful chance for Washburn faculty, staff and students to ‘Think BIG’ and become involved to make Topeka a technology hot spot.”

The afternoon wrapped up with Google buttons, cookies and opportunities to nominate Topeka to host the project at one of many laptops stationed around the union.