H2O Project 2010

Moving hearts, drilling wells, changing lives. This is the motto of the H2O project, a challenge that Washburn students and faculty have taken on. For this project, students make water their only drink for two weeks. The money they would have spent on other drinks will be collected and donated to an organization called Life Water. Catholic Campus Center President, Adam Stephenson, explains how students can get involved.

“They come here to the table and they receive this bracelet. It’s a medical bracelet so they can wear it in the shower and everything. It’s kind of a reminder of what they’re doing. They get a scorecard and a water bottle, and what they do is they just go through the two weeks, and then in two weeks we’ll have a table here in the Union where we can collect the funds from anybody who has done the project lately.”

Life Water is an organization that builds water wells in Southeast Asia. The wells are needed to drill beneath the surface to reach clean water. Stephenson tells about the impact students can make.

“It’s very important for students to participate in this project because we need to raise awareness about people in third world countries . They worry about having clean water to drink everyday and we sit around and we worry about not getting a great cup of coffee.”

The H2O Project starts February 22nd and runs through March 9th. Stephenson says that students should get involved to help bring attention to this problem.

“I think that it’s a good thing for people to step up and take the challenge just to raise awareness and realize how privileged we are to have clean water and to have these other beverages and stuff like that.”

Keep your eyes open for blue bracelets for the next couple weeks, and possibly get inspired to switch to water. This has been Jordan Shefte, with the Washburn Review.