Youtube Pick of the Week


 The winner of the YouTube pick of the week goes to “Dramatic Reading Of A Break-Up Letter,” preformed by Roxxenator.
In this video there is nothing to look at but the letter that the guy is reading. He tries his best to keep a low dramatic voice during the whole letter but failed halfway through. That’s OK, because the best part is the letter itself.
Nowhere in the whole letter is there a period it’s like she failed second grade writing and she was never taught that you can’t take a breath until a period comes around it makes me wonder if this is the first time she has ever written a letter she does give some exclamation points but those are only there to show she is proving a point!
My favorite part of this letter is when she said, “you make me touch your hands for stupid reasons.” Or he just wanted to hold hands and walk down the hall together. The guy might also have a hand fetish, which then might make things weird.
Just in case you are wondering she says, “I hate you,” seven times. Once she said she hated him more than anything in the world and her mom and brother hated him also.
What I would recommend to this girl is that she reads a book. Just so she knows what a sentence looks like. She can even get one with pretty pictures. ‘Til next week, stay classy Washburn