Washburn Junior Day 2010

Washburn University saw some new faces on campus Friday… High school juniors visited the school for Washburn’s Junior Day. The students had the chance to experience Washburn first-hand. Admissions counselor Emily Mihelcic tells what the day consisted of.


“For the juniors we will have some representatives from residential living, student activities and greek life, as well as financial aid, and they will be talking about ways to apply for financial aid, learn about housing on campus, and how to get involved. And then the admissions councilors will be talking about the application process, applying for scholarships, and also we will have a campus tour.”


The juniors got the chance to see what Washburn has to offer, and were able to ask faculty any questions they had. Study abroad coordinator Tina Williams suggests that students visit many colleges before making their decision.


“I think it’s important for students to know what all their different options are and to look at each school and find out which one is going to fit their specific academic needs and interests.”


The day allows the students to compare Washburn to other schools they are looking at.

Two juniors tell about why they are considering Washburn.


“I just think that this is the school I want to go to.”


“I heard that it’s a really good school, and the classes are more like person to person instead of you sit in a classroom with a thousand people and look at a big screen.”


“I’m kind of like Washburn or Washburn, I just really want to come here.”


This has been Jordan Shefte with the Washburn Review.