Boyack selected for admissions position

After conducting a national search, the office of admissions had selected three applicants as prospective directors of admissions. Morgan Boyack was one of the three and will start this Monday.

Richard Liedtke, dean of enrollment management, said Boyack has the background and skill set appropriate for the job since he has experience in the field.

“He has had a nice career in admissions,” Liedtke said.

Currently, Boyack is the associate director of admissions at the University of Northern Colorado, in Greeley. Liedtke said the University of Northern Colorado has had enrollment success with 10,299 undergraduate students in the Fall semester of 2009. Boyack has also been a part of the admissions process at other institutions such as Neumont University in South Jordan, Utah, and the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. He has a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and sociology and a master’s of public administration from the University of Utah.

“I don’t think it will be a difficult transition,” said Liedtke, “but we will be putting a system in place with a seamless process. [Boyack] is coming in with a fresh perspective—looking at raising the bar.”

Ultimately, Boyack will be in charge of student recruitment, and the retention of quality students will stem from that responsibility.

“New-student enrollment is at the core of what they do,” Liedtke said.

Initially, Boyack will be working to restructure admissions by developing new job descriptions and focusing on next year. His recruitment plan is due this summer and will be effective by the spring semester of 2011.

“I love talking to prospective students,” Boyack said. “Making a decision on which institution to attend is one of the biggest decisions they will make. I encourage all students to do their homework when it comes time to decide which institution is right for them. Come for a campus visit, visit with a department or professor, talk with a current student and take a campus tour. The more homework you do, the better the decision you will make. Enjoy your educational experience; it is a great time of your life.”

There will be a meet and greet from 1 to 3 p.m. on Monday so people can meet the new admissions director.