Yeager enjoys senior success for golf team

Sam Sayler

Hailing from Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada, senior Dustin Yeager has become a fixture of the Washburn Ichabods golf team.  Yeager began his golf career at a young age in quite an unusual manner. 

“I started playing golf because my dad got me into it,” said Yeager.  “He had to do meetings out on the golf course and babysit.  So I was out on the course, running around, and I fell in love with it.”

With only a short time left with the Washburn Ichabods, Yeager has been enjoying every moment of the remainder of his stay with the team. 

“My senior year has been my best year so far,” said Yeager. “I had a really good first semester here.  I haven’t had a good start to this semester, but you know, I’m trying to turn that around.  Our team’s had a rough year, but we’ve got a lot of tournaments left, and we can turn it around.”

Yeager looks beyond the rough and the green when he thinks of his future, but still keeps it open as an option. 

“After this, I’m probably going to go into financial planning,” said Yeager. “Golf-wise, if I can play professional golf or have that opportunity, I’ll probably go there, because it’s a life-long dream for me.  I’ll go where golf takes me.”

Yeager has also helped to influence the younger members of the team. 

“What I think about Dustin is that he’s a good senior leader, he’s a good player,” said sophomore golfer Riley Piles.  “He’s real consistent.  He’s a real good person to have on the team.”

Coach Doug Hamilton shares his pride of Dustin and how Yeager struggled when he first came to the Sunflower State from British Columbia. 

“When he first got here, he wasn’t used to the length of courses we play,” says Hamilton.  “He’s done a very good job of developing his game. 

“He works very hard, and he has turned himself into one of the better players on our team, and he’s been a great contributor to our program over particularly the last two years in terms of playing in our top five and providing us with scores at tournaments that we can use.”

Hamilton said Yeager has been extremely important to the success of the Bods this season, having won two tournaments this year.

“I’m sure he’s looking forward to a successful spring season here in his senior year,” said Hamilton, “and I think he’ll do an excellent job because he’s a hard worker and very competitive.”