YouTube Pick of the Week: Hitler, Canada and siiiiiick

This week I found a funny parody that takes the USA win over Canada in hockey and sets it to part of the movie from Der Untergang (Downfall). Hitler’s advisors are breaking the news to Hitler that Canada lost to the USA.

First off if you didn’t see the win over Canada you did miss out. Don’t worry it was just a qualification game; there is a good chance that they will play again. However, they take the part of the movie and add their own subtitles. If you have enough time you should watch other videos like this one. There is one where they break the news about the iPad that is very funny.

The best part of the video is when they say, “Ryan Kesler pulled a siiiiiiick move for an empty-netter. Canada has been defeated 5 to 3.” It was a sick move, but this is not the sport section so I won’t go into detail. You should look it up on YouTube.

Then the video goes into giving Canada a little bit of crap. Like how they can’t win a sport that they invented or half of Canada will kill themselves. It also does gives the USA some crap, about how the team is made up of second liners from second-rate teams. It pokes fun at both countries.

Watch this video, it’s worth your time even if you are Canadian. Til’ next week, stay classy Washburn.