WU egg hunt draws local attention

Kids lined the sidewalks surrounding the grass with baskets in hand and in a ready position. Each of them wanted the best opportunity to get the most eggs and in return, the most candy.

On Saturday, the Campus Activity Board hosted the Holiday Egg Hunt on the Memorial Union Lawn at Washburn. The event was open to everyone in the community at no cost. Josh Maples, the executive director of CAB, said the event is a Washburn tradition.

“This event has been going on for a long time at Washburn. Much longer than I have been here, and one of our volunteers even mentioned that she attended the event when she was a kid. She just graduated from Washburn. It is a great tradition here,” said Maples.

The event was a hit and an even bigger success. There were 125 kids registered for the event, but Maples said there were probably more kids there that didn’t officially register. Each year, the event has been getting bigger.

“Since I have been here, there has been an increase in the number of kids every year. It is a great event and we get excited for it every year,” said Maples.

Many events kept the kids and parents entertained throughout the morning. There were four different egg hunts for different age groups. Also, there was an activity center that included sidewalk bowling, sidewalk chalk, coloring pages, hula hoops and Easter bags that could be colored and then used to collect eggs. One of the main attractions was the blow up pirate ship slide.

With a lot of kids, come a lot of eggs needed to be found. Throughout the week CAB filled 1,000 eggs and the night before the event they bought another 1,000, making a total of 2,000 eggs filled and then found. For all of the eggs to be filled with the proper amount of candy, 150 pounds of candy was needed.

“We filled 2,000 eggs with 150 pounds of candy. At the event all of the eggs were found, open and eaten. It was a lot of candy. We collected the used eggs to use in the future,” said Maples.

An egg hunt wouldn’t be complete without the Easter Bunny to take pictures with. The Easter Bunny also helped hide the eggs for the hunts and mingled with the kids.

“We always look forward to this event because it is fun for us, the kids and the parents,” said Maples.