YouTube Pick of the Week:

“Boom Goes the Dynamite” is this week’s YouTube Pick of the Week. This video is of an epic fail in news broadcasting. The reporter Brian Collins seems at first scared, or maybe just confused.  

The best part of this video is during his broadcast when he said, “boom goes the dynamite.” He said this after a player shot and made a three-point basket.  His poor commentary isn’t his only problem.  He said that a player made a three-point basket, but it was only two points. The player was in front of the three-point ark.  He was also doing commentary for both teams.

In his line of mistakes, his next big one is as he is announcing the basketball All-Americans. He says baseball, then calls Kansas player Wayne Simien, Wayne Summer. I also think he wanted to say rounding out the list, but said rebounding out the list. Then again, he might have tried to add some basketball dialogue.

Right at the beginning, he tried to talk about the softball team.  However, he failed.  The way he reported was awful.  His opening line was “Let’s see if the women broke the six game losing streak.”  Just a small tip, don’t put down the team you are reporting on.  Try to spin the story in a nice way.

This was the worst sports casting in the world.  I believe this can be considered an epic fail. Til’ next week, stay classy, Washburn.