YouTube Pick of the Week: Dating products

It’s the infomercial that every woman wishes was real, a video by TotallySketch called, “You Need A ‘Boyfriend.'”

This is set up in the basic infomercial, starting off by asking you a couple of “are you tired? or “what if?” questions. Then it presents it’s amazing new product. The product they are selling is a boyfriend.

This product is for any woman that needs a warm body to keep them warm.  It’s prefect for any woman who needs something heavy picked up. It’s the perfect boyfriend that does anything and everything you need. 

The only thing that is realistic about this infomercial is that, if you get two they will fight. It just will not be for a woman’s honor, it will most likely be for control of the remote.

To make this infomercial a little more real, I feel they should add in a warning or side effect. Like boyfriend will eat all of your food, will became obsessed with video games, will cheat on you, will have gross bodily functions and will annoy you.

Women need to stop wishing for us guys to be these perfect beings. I blame Twilight books. As you can see in the video, she is reading one with the free book light. Edward Cullen is not real, nor do any guys act like him. Start wishing for something else. ‘Til next week, stay classy, Washburn.